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Log-grown Shiitake Mushroom course (Sun 21st Oct)

Log-grown Shiitake Mushroom course (Sun 21st Oct)

Grow Shiitake Mushrooms

10am - 3.30pm

Deans Marsh Recreation Reserve, Deans Marsh (35min west of Geelong)

Morning lectures and demonstrations led by Rowan Reid

All participants will receive a packet of 50 dowels (enough for 1 or 2 logs) and a digital copy of the Shiitake Manual

We will have drills and bees wax on site so you can inoculate your own log (plus logs to purchase)

When you register we will send you details about how you can prepare your own logs for inoculation. It is best to cut fresh logs from healthy trees in winter whilst the sap is low (more details about species and waxing in our email).

Logs and extra dowels available for sale

Otway Agroforestry Members $20 discount

Price $85.00

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@ AU$ [inc GST]