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TOUR: Bambra Agroforestry Farm 21st April (am)

TOUR: Bambra Agroforestry Farm 21st April (am)

2.5 hour farm tour led by Rowan Reid


Sunday 18th March 10am -12.30pm: SOLD OUT

Friday 6th April 10am -12.30pm: Places Available

Saturday 21st April 10am -12.30pm: SOLD OUT

Sunday 22nd April - Because our last Autumn tour is sold out we are allowing you to join the Institute of Foresters special event which is a tour of both Bambra Agroforestry Farm and Yan Yan Gurt West. Go back to SHOP and click on that item for details. All welcome to join the discussion.

Rowan Reid - Owner and author of "Heartwood: The art and science of growing trees for conservation and profit"

Rowan planted his first trees in 1987. His idea was to establish an outdoor education centre for agroforestry where landholders could explore the opportunities to integrate commercial trees into their farming landscape for conservation, aesthetics and profit.

"I wanted to make the act of planting trees and cutting them down for high quality timber attractive to farmers."

Rowan now has thousands of trees, of more than 50 species. He manages them for timber, bushfood, seed and other products while they also provide shelter, erosion control, fire protection and beautification.

Since his first field day in 1988, more than 10,000 guests farmers, small landholders, students, professionals and international guests have toured the farm to learn about species selection, establishment, tree protection, pruning, thinning, harvesting and, more recently, sawmilling and timber drying.

Each tour will include a guided tour of the farm during which Rowan will:

~ show you a wide range of commercial tree species growing in multipurpose plantings

~ discuss the timber qualities of more than 30 native and exotic tree species, their use and values.

~ explain how growing trees for profit can protect and enhance soil quality, biodiversity, animal welfare and property values while also reducing the fire hazard.

~ demonstrate how to establish, protect, prune and thin trees for high quality furniture-grade timber

~ show you how to selectively harvest, mill and dry timber (due to safety and time constraints Rowan will not be running machinery during the farm tours - if you are interested please consider attending his "Grow-your-own-furniture" course.

For more details go to Rowan's website

Where: Bambra Agroforestry Farm is located in the Eastern Otways between Colac and the coast. It will take you about 1.5 hours from the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne. Detailed directions will be emailed to you.

Children under 16 years free with parent. WARNING: this is a working farm so children must be closely supervised for their own safety and for the enjoyment of other guests.

Once you buy your ticket/s (below):

- you will immediately be issued with a receipt of purchase . This is your entry ticket please bring with you.

- directions and information will be emailed direct to you by your host.

For afternoon tour options to nearby agroforestry farms on your chosen date please look the other tours on offer below:

- Yan Yan Gurt West farm tours (Andrew and Jill Stewart) large sheep property with 18% multipurpose tree cover (available on all dates)

- Otway Greening (Mike and Wendy Robinson-Koss) Native plant nursery and small scale agroforestry farm run on permaculture principles (available on the 18th March and 6th of April).


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