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TOUR: Glenhope Agroforestry Farm

TOUR: Glenhope Agroforestry Farm

21st April 2018 Tree walk with Howard Perry and Ben Boxshall $35

Where should Victorians source their wood and timber if we are to cease logging in our forests?

Come and see for yourself how we can grow our own timber resources.

See the extraordinary effort one man has made towards building his own future timber asset whilst maintaining the productivity of his land!

Give us the chance to convince you that Victoria can build its own Farm Forestry Industry, and learn what it takes to plant and manage trees to ensure their value - and that of the land, appreciates over time!Howard Perry (landowner) and Ben Boxshall (forestry practitioner) invite you to join them on a guided farm walk and talk to discuss what they have learned over 20 years about designing, establishing and managing tree plantations for high value timber production and land restoration.

Glenhope Agroforestry Farm is an otherwise typical grazing property that incorporates a diversity of multiple use tree plantations.

We will be joined by industry experts to demonstrate and discuss tools and techniques for managing trees, provide technical information about species, wood properties and markets, and compatible enterprises such as apiary, firewood and seed production.

This is a walking tour on a sheep grazing property that includes some exposed, rocky terrain, so please dress appropriately. We love dogs, but they are not welcome on the tour.

Cost $35 (incl GST) Concession $25

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